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Brewery Production (USA JOBS)

United States
Published 3 months ago
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Brewery Production (USA JOBS)
United States,
Published 3 months ago



Lazy Hiker Brewing

The position of Brewery Production is an open posting
We are always looking for the right folks to join our team. As we continue to ramp up production we anticipate adding on more people to the brewery, cellar, and packaging teams. This posting is a catch-all for those categories and is liable to change as we grow. Feel free to apply and if we are interested in your resume we’ll let you know.

Brewery Production Job Responsibilities & Duties
Include but aren’t limited to the following:

by CIP & by hand, with water, cleaning chemicals, and/or elbow grease everything in the brewery including equipment, surfaces, kegs, beer lines, everything.
Maintain a safe, clean, and attractive environment for guests, tours, dignitaries, etc…
Brewhouse & Cellar Operations
All aspects of the brew house during a production day
Transfering wort/beer around the brewery in a sanitary, efficient, and loving manner
Monitor, adjust, and predict cellar operations
Filter & package beer including all routine cleaning and maintenance of equipment
Raw ingredient handling, transporting, process, package, testing, & measuring
Handle yeast including harvesting, testing, storing, and pitching
Open up / Start up and shut down / lock down the brewery & building
Facility operation & general maintenance, including boiler & water processes
Taproom maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting on lines, taps, and tanks
Minor maintenance & repair of equipment & facility to ensure safe and efficient operations
Stacks and stacks of paperwork including logs, reports, inventories, & production sheets
Inventory monitoring and ordering (e.g. beer, raw materials, chemicals, gases, etc…)
Sales & Distribution & other off-site work
Account visits with or without sales & distribution support personnel
Deliveries of beer, merch, or anything else that the brewery needs to get out the door
On & Off site work at festivals, tastings, private events, and the like
Participate in continuing education, including Guild affiliations
Finally, it will be your ongoing duty to represent the brand well, to passionately contribute to our success, and to continually seek to improve our products, our brand, and our company.
Brewery Production Skills & Qualifications
The Brewery Production team reports to the Head Brewer. As a brewer, you are expected to have a high level of mechanical aptitude, must be morning person, and must be willing to tolerate my musical choices (similar tastes in music are appreciated).

Minimum high school diploma required, brewing education and prior experience highly preferred
Valid North Carolina driver’s license and clean driving record
Able to physically execute the daily requirements of brewing including the ability to lift up to 100 pounds, to twist, turn, and to reach above your shoulders, and to work in standing, walking, or climbing positions at a steady pace.
Must be willing and able to follow procedures as established for all tasks, work both with and without supervision, communicate clearly and respectfully with other staff in a timely manner.
Basic computer and math skills both with and without aid
While we respect everyone’s time, it may be occasionally necessary that you are asked to cover shifts or work atypical hours from your normal shift, including evenings and weekends shifts.

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Job type: Full-time
Advertiser Type: Professional


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